Our Methods

Fun Fluency Staff

Our staff is made up of native Spanish speakers and fluent/certified Spanish teachers. We are passionate, dynamic, enthusiastic, fun, compassionate, and effective instructors. We are also trained and knowledgeable in the many aspects of language instruction and acquisition. We teach Spanish using the best and research proven methods, using as much Spanish as possible in class while always ensuring understanding. We also use multi-level teaching which ensures that all students, despite the varied levels, will be challenged to go beyond what they know.

Our method

Our multi-sensory language method combines movement, games, play, songs, rhythms, storytelling, and when age appropriate reading and writing. In such a fun environment, students actually forgot they are learning, and are completely at ease. Fun fluency uses a teaching system that creates an immersion experience for students, while at the same time ensuring understanding.

TPRS & How storytelling works:

One of the main components of our methodology is TPRS (Teaching proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). According to Stephen Krashen, a world renowned and respected linguist and author, language is best learned through meaningful and comprehensible input (in other words, understanding messages). Stories allow for tons comprehension input, which promotes long term retention and not just memorization. Comprehending a story uses both sides of the brain and kids have an emotional response to a silly story, and therefore are able to learn a second language sub-consciously through fun, laughter and play.

To learn more about us, click here and watch our introductory video!

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