Level 2 High School

The high school level 2 Spanish class incorporates the national foreign language standards:  communication, culture, communities, connections, and comparisons. The level 2 class will be a continuation of Level 1 Spanish (students don’t need to have taken level 1 with us, specifically). We will continue to use storytelling and comprehensive input as a means for acquiring Spanish. In level 2 the stories will be told in the past tense as a means of acquiring a new dimension of the language.

The level 2 class will be a blend of our text, handouts, the study of Spanish speaking countries, weekly readings, a new authentic online video drama to watch, cultural outings, authentic food preparation, and the reading of two short Spanish novels. The Level 2 class will have many opportunities to use their Spanish skills in the local Spanish speaking community. Spanish is a skill that must be practiced and studied! So, in order to make the most of the class students will be asked to incorporate Spanish homework into their daily studies.

A Note on TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling)

TPRS is a highly effective and natural way to learn Spanish.  This method focuses on long-term retention, not just memorization. This storytelling approach is fun, and extremely successful in teaching communication skills. I will teach high frequency vocabulary and grammar structures found in common speech and communication.  With this method, students learn to speak quickly and grammar is taught in context. Some of my current students are able to free write an entire story in Spanish of more than 2-3 pages, not to mention tell the story while looking at pictures! (This is after one year of once a week classes).  We have High School Level 2 students that can summarize an entire Spanish novel, speaking freely for 5-10 minutes.