Students will learn Spanish naturally through movement, play, games, songs, rhythms, snack time, art projects, and acting out/listening to simple stories.  Our teachers will use TPRS (Total Physical Response and Storytelling).  This method focuses on long-term retention, not just memorization. This storytelling approach is fun and extremely successful in teaching communication skills. Teachers will reinforce high frequency vocabulary and grammar structures found in common speech and communication.  With this method, students learn to speak quickly and grammar is taught in context—without any rote memorization . Our class will create an immersion environment for students while always ensuring understanding and comprehension.  Our staff uses clear and vibrant visuals in addition to lively multisensory teaching presentations.  Our elementary classes not only learn to understand spoken Spanish, but they also learn how to read, write and speak freely in the language.

How Storytelling Works

According to Stephen Krashen, a world renowned and respected linguist and author, language is learned through meaningful and comprehensible input.  Language is learned through understanding messages.  Stories allow for a lot of comprehension input, which promotes long term retention.  Stories use both sides of the brain and kids have an emotional response to a silly story, and therefore are learning the second language sub-consciously.  This also allows for language to be learned in “chunks” and important phrases.