Why learn a second language young?

Just like children learn their first language, they are able to learn a second language naturally through immersion.  There is a time period linguists call a “window of opportunity” for learning languages in which children can learn through immersion with little or no translation needed.  Children who study a second language young also have many advantages!  Research shows such advantages include:

  •  Higher test scores
  • Greater confidence
  • A life-time of ease in learning languages
  • The ability to mimic accents
  • Cultural awareness
  • Higher reading scores
  • A greater understanding of one’s own language 

How will students learn in this class?

Students will learn Spanish naturally through movement, play, games, songs, rhythms, snack time, art projects, and acting out/listening to simple stories.  Our storytelling-based method focuses on long-term retention, not just memorization.  We teach high frequency vocabulary and grammar structures found in common speech and communication.  With our extremely effective method, students learn to speak quickly and grammar is taught in context.  We create an immersion experience for students while always insuring understanding and comprehension.