“My husband just said this weekend how impressed he is at the knowledge the boys have gained in such a short period of time.  My older son just took Spanish I at the community college and is also amazed at how much his younger brothers already know.  My son has really enjoyed the hands on parts of class, the games and songs, etc…. my other son feels the same way.  Thanks for all your time spent teaching my boys.  I really appreciate it!”  – Kristen K.

“I know that both of my children have enjoyed your classes and look forward to it each week.  You blend learning vocabulary and grammar with stories and games in a way that they enjoy very much.  The stories are sometimes quite silly, but I think that is what helps them remember the vocabulary and encourages them to learn.  Our teacher has a passion for what she teaches and it comes through in how my kids have learned to speak Spanish.  I also enjoy the special events of going to a restaurant or making Spanish dishes and practicing conversational Spanish in those settings!” – Kirsten S.

“When I first heard about this class I was a bit nervous about signing my daughter up.  She has dyslexia and we have been told that she would probably never be able to learn a foreign language.   I am so thankful that we decided to give this a try because she is learning Spanish and is enjoying the class!!”   – Pam L.

“I really enjoy taking Spanish from Mrs. Dunn. She thinks of some very fun games and activities that at the same time really help you to memorize the words. Over the past three years I have learned about an eight inch stack of flashcards. I started making them the first class, and have made them for all the classes since then. I actually feel fairly confident that I could survive in a Spanish speaking country, as long as I didn’t have to give a speech or something. Thanks!” – Michelle S.

“It’s fun, I like the way our teacher teaches Spanish.  I especially like the games that we play!” – Sarah L.

“Both my girls really enjoy Spanish class at Fun Fluency.  I think it is a well balanced class of fun while learning.  I’m surprised in such a small time with what they retain compared to how little they actually study it!”

“My girls said to me that they enjoy coming to class. You make class so much fun, they enjoy the new words they are learning and it has been nice to meet new friends.  As a mother of 4, I am always looking for activities that are both educational and affordable.  I have to be very selective and found that most of the other classes or events being held were way outside of my financial ability. This class has been both rewarding and affordable. My family has certainly gotten more than we expected!”  – Michelle B.

“Thank you for being a great, wonderful, and supportive Spanish teacher to me. Spanish is not always easy for me, but you have always made me feel successful.”- Sarah L.